Dear Posy

I needed to provide feedback as your products are literally life changing! My dear niece has been born with Type 1 diabetes. Throughout her growing up it was impossible to find any deodorant that didn’t interact with her sweat. She has tried all brands she got her hands on but no matter the price, every single one caused yellowing under arms or yellow crusting on any fabric she wore.

That is until this April when I gave her one of your deodorants. Being 21 and near summer, she began her anxious planning of having spare tops on hand when these yellowing patches begin to show, when I pulled out your deodorant.

Since then she had no issues/interactions nor side effect and this is 1st time in her life she can raise her arms with confidence. Your product gave her confidence and it’s been called ‘The magical stick’ by our family.  Please spread the word as many other diabetics might have the same problem not knowing that there is a solution. Thank you


Mrs Little