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When people ask what I do I tell them that "I make and sell natural deodorants and shampoo and conditioner bars for a living" But what I really want to say is....

I wanted to find something that worked all day. I found it and POSY will keep you fresh all day. I love making natural deodorants for you

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Dale Campbell


“I love essential oils and I’m passionate about plastic free packaging” What I really want to say is I lose my life to box sets, I spend hours in a bubble bath and  love nothing better than going to a beauty show for a whole day of self indulgence and talking to other beauty brand owners. Im Dale Campbell and…

We love our clients

We thank you for visiting our page and hope that you will enjoy experiencing our deodorants. We are happy to give you a 5% discount on your order. Just fill in a form!

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Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Call: 07799 266 536

Stay Tuned for Updates

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1229 SE Nehalem, Portland, OR 97202
Call: 503 230 9260